How To Remove MS Office From Mac?

How To Remove MS Office From Mac?

MS Office package is one of the best products from Microsoft. You can install and use the office package on MacOS computers. But while working with it technical glitches are a common thing for which users often want to uninstall the package. If you have no idea on How to Remove MS Office From Mac, then here are the methods to do so. It is not difficult to remove the Office package, but if you need assistance, you can contact our MS Office Support and Repairs team. We are available 24×7 to help you out.

How to Remove MS Office From Mac | Easy Methods

If you want to remove MS Office from Mac, then this is the right place you have come to. Just follow the step by step guide on How to Remove MS Office From Mac.

Step 1: Exit Office Applications From Mac

You can easily quit the running Office application from MacOS. Firstly, select Ms-Office that is present next to the Apple icon. After that, click on Quit MS-Office. Another way to do it is by clicking on the icon by pressing the Control key and select Quit.

Step 2: Remove The MS Office From Folder

You can do it by clicking Applications on the Go menu and drag the MS-Office to the Trash folder.

Step 3: Remove Office Preferences

In the next step, you need to remove the preferences. Here’s a list of preferences that are needed to be removed.

  • reporting

You need to remove the set preferences by moving them to the trash folder. When done restart your computer.

Step 4: Remove Library/Application Support/Microsoft

Click on Computer and select Go menu. Then double-click on the hard disk icon. Open Application Support from the Library and Drag the Microsoft folder to the trash.

Step 5: Remove The Receipts

Open the Library from the Go menu. After that, Open the Receipts folder and drag MS-Office files to Trash.

Step 6: Move Microsoft Fonts

This will remove the Microsoft fonts from the system. You need to open the library and open the Fonts and move them to the Trash folder.

Step 7: Empty The Trash

This is the final step in How to Uninstall Microsoft Office on Mac guide. You need to empty the trash so that all the MS Office files are removed from the system. When done with the above process, you will be done removing MS-Office from your Apple computer. You need to remove the Office application icon from the dock.

First, Hold down the Control key and click on the office application icon. In the next step, you need to click on the “Options” and then select Remove from Dock.

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MS Office Customer Support

We hope that you will be able to remove MS Office from Mac. But in case you are not able to remove the office package, you can contact MS Office Support to help you out.

Microsoft Support Services are available 24×7. You can dial Microsoft Helpline and talk to our executives. Our executives will immediately provide with the required solutions. You can also drop us an email on our official email address. Our representatives will get back to you in no time. Furthermore, our online chat Help-desk is also available where you can address your issues. Just contact the support team and get rid of all office problems.


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