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How To Convert White Pictures Into A Transparent Mode In MS Paint?

Microsoft Paint comes with the latest version with a variety of applications inside its package. The software has plain doodling software where users can create graphics with solid colors and line-arts. Well, here we will teach you how to convert white pictures into a transparent mode in MS Paint with easy explanations. So, why working with transparent background in MS Paint is so much fun about? Being able to make transparent pictures is so much exciting to experience. However transparency does not make any image a completely invisible one rather it transforms any image into an opaque state. This means that users can easily view background through their image. Below we will show you steps how to proceed ahead with it. (more…)

How To Fix MS Office 2013 Font Cache Service Error?

The error arises when users are installing Office 2013 Professional Plus on Windows 8 and it comes up with the above issue. The Font Cache Service Error will attempt your PC to stop working. Fix MS Office 2013 font cache service error with appropriate guidelines available with our technical experts. But below we have appropriate steps to assist users deal with this error message in an easy way. (more…)

How To Fix Internet Explorer 11 No Sound Problem?

This is one of the common problems which will appear in Internet Explorer 11 version because sound here is completely in render state on other browsers and software like media players. To fix Internet Explorer 11 no sound problem, we have different methods to apply but only three of them we will explain. Technicians will show. Let us check them out one by one. (more…)

How To Fix MS Office Product Key Missing Part Number Errors?

The above error will appear as an ERR_MISSING_PARTNUMBER or ERR_INVALID_TOKEN message on the screen. These messages which will appear when user will are working with a product key for the older Office version. This won’t be available to download from and users need to find it somewhere. Fix MS Office product key missing part number error with expert guidelines. Further the message will appear as:”Sorry, we can’t set up your account right now. Hang on to your product key, and try again later. If this happens again, contact support.” [Error code: ERR_MISSING_PARTNUMBER]”. Another will appear as a “Sorry, we can’t find this product key in our database.” [Error code: ERR_INVALID_TOKEN”. (more…)

How To Fix Microsoft Edge Graphics Error?

The error may arise if there is an issue when anyone is re-installing or updating the graphics driver. The second reason is users may have changed the graphics driver or have changed the port cable. Fix Microsoft Edge graphics error with our expert guidelines with expert solutions. (more…)

How To Repair Microsoft Corrupted PowerPoint File?

The blog will make you aware of how to Repair Microsoft corrupted PowerPoint file in simple steps. Picture it out as you are all set for a PowerPoint presentation and suddenly it fails to provide you the specific service. Here you have created a whole lot of effort and invested your infinite time. Users will sometimes run into a state of despair of real difficulty.Users won’t be able to create PowerPoint presentations at all. If this is what you are going through, then our blog post will definitely help out find efficient ways to recover the PowerPoint slides. (more…)

How to Fix MS Excel File Open and Repair Doesn’t Work Issue?

Whether you are a student or an entrepreneur, features of Microsoft Excel will never delude anyone. Setting goals, creation of budgets, data analysis, calculating your salaries, Excel does everything.But issues may arise anytime. Here one such is open and repair problem. Fix MS Excel file open and repair does not work issue with our expert guidelines.  We have a trusted solutions to the most difficult problems that arise within the network. Like every other software application, this is also one of the reliable application which offers users exceptional working features. (more…)

How To Fix MS Edge Browser Has Disappeared Issue?

Microsoft Edge is a default browser which users use when working with Windows 10. But sometimes, they come across unexpected problem and one such is the vanishing of Edge browser from the sight.Fix MS Edge browser has disappeared issue with our expert guidelines. Well, users can work with its oodles of new features that provide faster access, ease of web organization, built-in personal assistant and many more. Due to these features, it make your life simply easy. The above issue seems to be baffling and as a result there appears to be no solution to add this default Edge browser in the start and on task bar menu. So, to fix this problem, we bring you future effective solutions and remove it from the core. (more…)

How To Fix MS Word Corrupted Document?

The above is mainly in the Microsoft Word 2013 & 2010 versions which detect unwanted issues of the word behavior. Fix MS Word corrupted document with our expert guidelines available at our end. However, if users are unable to detect, then it is always good to run built-in procedure to repair the word document and get back to normal accessibility mode. To know more about it, this application will spontaneously run “Open and Repair” process while users are trying to open the file in case of any defect. The feature is useful when users want to save the document in another file format. If in case, the Word file fails to run the Open and Repair feature to ensure that the file is running, users can try out below steps. (more…)

How To Fix MS Office Cannot Install 2013 Professional Plus Error Message?

The above will appear usually when users are removing their Office 2010 version from control panel section on Windows 7. But there is nothing to get panic about as we have advanced guidelines available to fix MS Office cannot install 2013 professional plus error message. Well, when users will try to install Office 2013 Professional Plus, it will hang up and display error messages: “We found a problem of Beta version of an Office product on the computer and cannot install”. Users will have to then uninstall any pre-release Office software with the help of Programs and Features item in the Control Panel. Now, they will have to install it again.” Let us see what are the steps that we can apply to overcome this error code? (more…)

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